The CarlyClip?

The CarlyClip is a “Protective Styling Tool” designed to hold natural, textured and thick straight hair in place. It is called a “Protective Styling Tool” because it is made without hinges, metals or jagged edges to prevent hair breakage. It is durable, flexible and will not pull, tear, rip, break or slip from curly textured hair. It allows you to easily create a variety of hairstyles such as stylish ponytails, buns, pineapples and updos.

Why Wear the CarlyClip?
Creating a stylish bun
Creating the college bun 
Updo’s for weddings and special occasions 
Profession requirement 
Giving hair a break from heat styling tools (Protective Styling) Break from weaves
Exercising or working out 
Stretching a relaxer 
Grooming face 
Applying makeup 
Avoiding a bad hair day


Target Audience

The CarlyClip works best on individuals who have natural, curly, kinky, coily or thick straight coarse hair regardless of ethnicity.

People who are concerned with hair breakage from use of ponytail holders, rubber bands, scrunchies, etc.

Individuals seeking convenience, ease of use, comfort and healthy hair growth.

Why Choose Us?

I love wearing the CarlyClip. It is the only "protective styling tool" on the market for textured or natural hair types. Why? Because it made without a hinge or metal so that our kinky, curly, natural or thick wavy will not break or snap. Our hair types usually wants to become one with our hair accessories by quickly wrapping around it and then causing our hair to break when removing e.g. rubber bands, standard banana clips, cotton scrunchies, etc. This will not happen with the CarlyClip.


Questions & Answers

If your question is not listed, feel free to contact me at

 How many colors do you offer?

   Black and Brown (Expresso) 

Do you have a bigger size?

    Yes, excited to introduce the CarlyClip 12" aka CarlyClip Maxi

 I have very straight fine hair. Could I use the CarlyClip?

    Probably not, because your straight fine hair strands will slide through the teeth of  the CarlyClip. 

 Can men wear the CarlyClip?

    Yes, makes the perfect man bun. 

 Does the CarlyClip work on weaves?

    Yes, especially with sew-ins.  

 I have very Heavy straight hair. Could I use the CarlyClip? 

   The smaller CarlyClip may not comfortably support the weight of your hair. The   smaller CarlyClip works best on lighter weight thick straight or wavy hair

 What is the little bump in the middle of my CarlyClip?

    This is wear the clip is injected from the mold. This bump does not appear on the two new CarlyClip: No3 and Maxi

 What if I am not satisfied with my purchase?

    No worries…Money Back Guaranteed

 I have super thick natural “YouTube” hair. Could I use the CarlyClip?

    Possibly, most women (95%) can wear the CarlyClip. Some have wet their hair; others have used it on stretched hair e.g. blow-dried, braids. If you can use a rubber band, you can use the CarlyClip.  Money Back Guaranteed!

    Also, so excited to have a new larger CarlyClip 12" aka CarlyClip Maxi. It hold twice as much hair.

What is the CarlyClip Challenge?

The CarlyClip Challenge took place during live events from 2017-2020 where the hostess/host would ask for an audience volunteer with the thickest hair to come up before a live audience to see if they could wear the CarlyClip. No one failed the test meaning 100% of participants could wear the CarlyClip. The second and most popular CarlyClip Challenge method is when I would ask women with thick hair to take the CarlyClip Challenge at my vendor table. This method yielded a 95% pass rate. Click CarlyClip Challenge Tab for some Before/After photos. 


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