Introducing CarlyClip No3 ~ New Elegant Design! Same Functionality!

Make Everyday a Bun Day! No Hinge. No Metal. No Breakage!

The new CarlyClip No3 is a “Protective Styling Tool” designed to hold natural, textured and thick straight hair in place. It is called a “Protective Styling Tool” because it is made without hinges, metals or jagged edges to prevent hair breakage. It is durable, flexible and will not pull, tear, rip, break or slip from curly textured hair. It allows you to easily create a variety of hairstyles such as stylish ponytails, buns and updos.

Surprise! Surprise! 

First, I am so happy to acknowledge that only by the Grace and Love of the LORD Almighty, Jesus Christ was I able to focus, create and bring to market these beautiful new CarlyClip products. 

This is why I am so excited to introduce the CarlyClip No3. It is an enhanced “totally giftable” version of the original tried and true CarlyClip. 

Yes, I listened and heard my customers express that they desired a bigger CarlyClip because their hair was growing and getting thicker. This is why I created CarlyClip 12" aka CarlyClip Maxi; holds twice as much hair. See below for details. 



Surprise! New CarlyClip 12" aka CarlyClip Maxi

I, Yours Truly, researched and designed the CarlyClip every step of the way.  

The last steps of CarlyClip processing take place here in the Chicago Metro.

CarlyClip 12" aka Maxi

When you thought I was not listening...after two years of research and design, I am so super excited to introduce a large size CarlyClip for those with thicker natural "YouTube" hair. Still No Hinge. No Metal. & No Breakage!


CarlyClip Size Comparison 

CarlyClip No3 and CarlyClip 12" aka CarlyClip Maxi combined in a beautiful package that oozes beauty. The larger CarlyClip is similar to the new CarlyClip No3 except for size. See the size comparison/difference in the photo.

CarlyClip 12" aka Maxi

That's right! The CarlyClip Maxi is 12 inches long and holds twice as much hair. Excellent for my customers who desired a bigger clip for various reasons e.g. thicker hair, thickening hair, more styling flexibility, etc.


Make Everyday a CarlyClip Bun Day!

This photo says it all. Fashion, work or play, the CarlyClip is a way for to you stand out and look great while doing it. 

Give the CarlyClip a try! 

Everyone loves the CarlyClip. They think it is so Cool and Hip! 

The CarlyClip is a Pretty Problem Solver.

Nothing can affect your hairstyle more than humidity or being caught in the rain. No fear because the CarlyClip will keep you looking your best.

Frizzy ends need trimming but your hairstylist is not available? No worries, the CarlyClip will help you until your next appointment. 

Profession Requirement

The CarlyClip is an excellent hair accessory for those in professions where hair is not allowed to touch the collar or where strict sanitation is required. 

#Healthcare. #Military. #Airlines. #FoodService. #Hospitality. #Food Manufacturing. #Pharma Manufacturing. etc. 


The CarlyClip allows you to stay looking your best while exercising. 

The CarlyClip allows you to maintain your hairstyle and look fabulous after an intense workout.


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